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Fostering Growth: Exploring the UK Space Sector with Simone Hartless

The next instalment of our exclusive interview series shines the spotlight on Simone Hartless, Head of Cluster Growth at Satellite Applications Catapult Ltd. Discover insights into her vast experience within the UK space ecosystem and the emerging spacetech trends she's closely monitoring below.

Could you provide some insights into your background and experiences within the space industry?

I'm not a data scientist or space engineer, but a local economic development specialist who has worked in knowledge intensive sectors for over 10 years. I've been working at the Satellite Applications Catapult since 2018 where I've had the privilege to draw on the great minds of our technical teams whilst facilitating the growth of the UK Space Ecosystem with partners. I help to bring together local and national stakeholders and communities of interest across industry and academia in and outside the space sector. 

It's a thrilling community to work in where we're all pulling together with the same vision of a thriving and connected ecosystem.


Which trends or recent advancements in space technology do you find most exciting or promising?

The space sector is amazing, not only for the innovation it delivers but for the huge potential for other sectors and the impact here on Earth. The democratisation of satellite data and space technology is really exciting as we see the barriers of entry to the sector lowered and the cross fertilisation of ideas with other sectors to produce new products and services enabled by space.


As the space industry continues to evolve, what potential collaborations or partnerships do you think could significantly contribute to its growth and innovation?

The biggest opportunity to grow the sector is by working with those in adjacent sectors. By working with UK Space Clusters you have locally embedded teams who can facilitate that next collaboration by tapping into the supply chain and academia and the connections to adjacent sectors. Clusters are your gateway to the whole UK Space Ecosystems so no matter where you are, you can build strong partnerships for your next collaboration with the best UK capability has to offer.


What are you looking forward to the most at SPACEtalks?

Meeting a whole range of new businesses from across the UK and introducing them to their local communities via their Cluster Lead.


Join the Conversation

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Join Simone for an engaging panel discussion, 'Elevating the Horizon: Fostering Regional Growth in the UK Space Industry,' and delve into the nitty-gritty of regional opportunities, collaboration, and innovation within the UK space sector.

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