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"The first - the Interstellar Business Conference was a success, bringing together diverse interests and exploring a huge range of topics, so there was something for everyone."

Mark Chang
Space Mission, AI and Cybersecurity Expert 

PA Consulting


"Very interesting conference with a commercial focus. Good size too - not too large meaning networking was simple."

Andy Williams

Space Professionals Ltd


"Attending the Space talks was very eye-opening and it gave you quite the insight into governmental thoughts, ideas to private companies and how to move forward."

Alexander Macleod
Technical Support Executive 


"Space Talks 2020 in London was a well organised top event which covered a broad range of interesting topics and trends in the space industry."

Nancy Vermeulen
Space Ambassador & Private Astronaut Trainer 

Space Training Academy

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27th April 2022

SPACEtalks 3.0 

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35 Speakers     |     16 Sponsors     |     200+  Registered Participants

Dr Joanna Hart, Harwell Space Cluster Development ManagerUKRI - Science and Technology Facilities Council

Robert Gibbs, Assistant Administrator for the Mission Support DirectorateNASA

Stephan Reckie, Executive DirectorGEN Space

Mark R. H. Burrows, Head of Business Incubation, Development ManagerHarwell Campus - STFC 

Catherine Holt, Horizon Europe National Contact Point SpaceInnovate UK

Ibrahim Al Qasim, Deputy Director General, UAE Space Agency

Annette Toivonen, Senior Lecturer in Space Tourism, Department of Tourism Business at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Dan Jones, Space Technology Cluster Manager, UK Space Agency

Ray Stott, Co-Founder, SpaceSpecialists Ltd

Daniel Carew, Principal, IQ Capital

Amanda Campbell, Head of Net Zero, Satellite Applications Catapult Ltd

Dr. Hira Virdee, Founder & CEO, Lumi Space

Prof. Rob Buckingham OBEDirector of RACE (Remote Applications in Challenging Environments), UK Atomic Energy Authority

Tobias Lin, National Space Strategy implementation Policy Lead, BEIS - Space Directorate

Cy Keogh, Senior Advisor, Manufacturing Technology Centre

Dr Alastair Barrow, CEO, Generic Robotics

Robert Elliot, Head of Business Development, RAL Space

Dr Christoph Beischl, Associate Deputy Director, London Institute of Space Policy and Law (ISPL)

Arfan Chaudhry, Deputy Director International Strategy and Regulation, BEIS - Space Directorate

Tim Davies, Head of Capability, Space and Communications, UK Defence Solutions Centre

Simon Drake, Partner, Space Ventures Investors

Dr Tim Flohrer, Head of Space Debris Office, ESA

Bryant Mishima-Baker, Attorney, United States Air force

Andrew White, Partner, UK & European Patent Attorney, Mathys & Squire LLP

Posy Drywood, Partner, UK & European Patent Attorney, Mathys & Squire LLP

Dan Etenberg, CEO, LIA Aerospace

Raphael Roettgen, Managing Partner, E2MC Ventures

Eric Stallmer, Executive Vice President for Government Affairs and Public Policy, Voyager Space Holdings

Andre Ronsoehr, Investment Director, Seraphim Capital

Tihomir Karakashev, Founder & CEO, Cosmonauts

Manny Shar, Head of Analytics, BryceTech

Jon Porter, European Business Development Director, Velo3D

Mike Collett, Founder & Managing Partner, Promus Ventures

Shan Dulanty, Chief Engineer for the Industrial Growth and Space Sector, Manufacturing Technology Centre

Dr Axel Roenneke, Vice President Key Accounts & Sales, Beyond Gravity

Keval Dattani, CEO, Space Power

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Gallery SPACEtalks 2.0 - 2021

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