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In-Space Manufacturing and Investment with Jerry Yang

Today, we shine the spotlight on Jerry Yang. Jerry is a General Partner at HCVC, a thesis-driven venture capital firm at the forefront of digitising, automating, and decarbonizing the physical economy. With a rich background spanning over a decade in semiconductors - both as an engineer and entrepreneur - across Taiwan, Silicon Valley, and France, Jerry brings a wealth of experience to the table. 

At HCVC, Jerry has spearheaded investments in transformative startups such as Giraffe360, Radian Aerospace, Gideon Brothers, and Valispace. These investments underscore Jerry's keen eye for disruptive technologies that have the potential to reshape industries.

Take a deep-dive into this investment expert’s invaluable insights below in the exclusive interview.

Could you provide some insights into your background and experiences within the space industry?

HCVC is an early-stage hardtech VC firm. As General Partner, I led our investment into Radian Aerospace, a space shuttle startup who later went on to raise $27.5M led by Fidelity.


Which trends or recent advancements in space technology do you find most exciting or promising?

Manufacturing in space and Earth re-entry.


In your opinion, are there specific sectors within the space technology industry that stand out as particularly appealing for potential investors?

Manufacturing in space.


How do you perceive the influence and impact of thought leaders in space technology on advancing the industry's agenda, both nationally and globally?

Continual vocal support is key.


What challenges or obstacles do you foresee in the near future for the space industry, and how might these be addressed?

Meaningful exits of space startups. The largest one (SpaceX) is still private. Valuation of such companies remains an art.


As the space industry continues to evolve, what potential collaborations or partnerships do you think could significantly contribute to its growth and innovation?

Logistics and infrastructure.


Can you highlight any key policy or regulatory changes that you believe could shape the future landscape of the space technology sector?

Radio communication in free space, space debris, etc.


How important is international cooperation in achieving breakthroughs and advancements within the space industry, and are there any notable examples you find inspiring?

Yes and no. Talents come from everywhere, but most great space firms are centralised.


What are you looking forward to the most at SPACEtalks?

Radio communication in free space, space debris, etc.


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