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Investment, Space-Tech, and Satellites with David Pollington

Delve into exclusive insights from leaders in space technology and investment with our exclusive interview series. This week, we're thrilled to present our interview with David Pollington, Head of Research at Bloc Ventures.

Gain valuable perspectives by reading the full interview below.

Could you provide some insights into your background and experiences within the space industry?

I've worked in the Telecoms industry for 26+yrs, and spent a good proportion of this working with satellite-based systems, so rather than first-hand experience in space per se, I have a wealth of expertise as a user of space technologies in the advancement of the Telecoms sector.


Which trends or recent advancements in space technology do you find most exciting or promising?

Cost has always been a barrier to the full democratisation of opportunities in space, but the expansion of the private sector has started opening up many more opportunities. From a Telecoms perspective, satellite-based systems have always been crucial to economically delivering mobile coverage to remote and rural areas and there's now a lot of interest in satellite-based systems supporting 3GPP standards to provide basic and emergency connectivity.


In your opinion, are there specific sectors within the space technology industry that stand out as particularly appealing for potential investors?

Obviously biassed, but we see a lot of opportunity in advancing technologies that improve satellite comms, either through increasing performance or reducing power consumption through improved efficiencies.


What are you looking forward to the most at SPACEtalks?

Catching up on the latest technologies and everyone's perspective on how the space industry will evolve.


Connect with and learn directly from experienced experts like David across two action-packed days this March at SPACEtalks.

SPACEtalks is a unique event designed to foster meaningful change through innovation, investment, and connections within the space-tech sector. From thought leadership presentations to dynamic panel sessions to dedicated networking breaks, this is your place to get ahead in space-tech.

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